Unsanitary Hospital Conditions Can Lead to Infections Resulting in Brain Damage

There have been several cases of cerebral palsy that were the direct result of infections caused by poor hygiene in hospitals and other healthcare facilities. If you believe your child’s injury was related to the facility’s poor hygienic conditions, you may want to consider contacting an attorney¬†about your legal rights.

CP Caused by Infection Contracted at Hospital

Unsanitary Hospitals & Infections

Infections and Infants

Infants are susceptible to infections early in life. This is because their immune systems aren’t completely developed yet. Getting sick is part of developing a strong immune system. Unfortunately, that also means that children are much more vulnerable to life-threatening infections. Because a child’s brain is still developing, any infection can be particularly dangerous, especially if not immediately diagnosed and treated.

If a healthcare facility doesn’t keep adequate standards of hygiene, they may be committing medical malpractice and contributing to a child’s development of cerebral palsy.

Dirty Equipment

There have been cases where a provider of medical equipment has been found negligent for providing unsafe or unsanitary products. If medical equipment is not sanitary, it can be the vehicle for many different types of bacteria and viruses that may end up causing devastating injuries to a child. If your child was exposed to medical equipment that was contaminated, you may have a valid claim for damages.

A medical investigation will follow a diagnosis of cerebral palsy in a child. If it turns out that medical malpractice was the primary factor in causing these injuries, contacting an attorney is not only within your rights, it is the responsible choice for the future and well-being of your child.

There’s no way to guarantee that an attorney can win your case. A good cerebral palsy attorney, however, can increase your chances of winning compensation for your child’s pain and suffering and for their expected future expenses. This money can go directly to the child and can help them to obtain the best medical treatment for their condition, including the latest scientific advances in the treatment of cerebral palsy.