Birth Injuries Caused by Surgical Errors

Many times, birth injuries that lead to the development of cerebral palsy are caused by preventable surgical errors. A doctor’s malpractice can lead to permanent brain damage in your child, and an apology from the doctor or the hospital is simply not going to come close to making up for the hardships your family will likely endure as a result.

If you believe that a surgical mistake or error led to your child’s birth injury (and thus his or her development of cerebral palsy), you owe it to yourself to discuss your legal options with an attorney as soon as possible.

Types of Surgical Errors That Can Lead to Cerebral palsy

CP Caused by Surgical Errors

CP Caused by Surgical Errors

A birth injury may take place because of a variety of surgical mistakes. Surgical mistakes may result in grave birth injuries including brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, brachial plexus injuries, neurological injuries and even wrongful death. While we won’t list all types of surgical mistakes associated with birth injuries here, the following three surgical errors are commonly associated with brain damage and cerebral palsy.

  • Anesthesia Errors — If the anesthesiologist makes an error and administers the wrong quantity or combination of drugs during an obstetric anesthesia, it can have adverse effects on the baby as well as the mother.
  • Neonatial Surgeries — Surgical procedures performed on your child during the neonatal period must be performed with extreme care. A medical mistake made during the first few weeks of your child’s life can result in damage to the child’s developing brain.
  • C-Section Mistakes — A large number of births require delivery via cesarean section. If a doctor fails to timely perform a c-section, they can sometimes be held legally liable for your child’s damages.

Lawsuits Due to Surgical Errors

If you’re considering legal action against the doctor or hospital who you believe caused your child’s injuries, it is very important to understand how the injury may have occurred. Sometimes an injury may be caused due to no fault of the medical staff. In such situations, you may not have a valid medical malpractice claim to pursue.

A cerebral palsy lawyer can help you understand your rights, and can investigate the facts of your child’s injury for no cost to you. He or she will thoroughly examine your case and enlighten you on your legal rights, and if they chose to accept your case, will do so on a no-win, no-fee basis.

Instances of birth injury are on the rise. Any brain injury suffered by the baby at the time of birth not only affects his or her entire life, but will likely also put a strain the family’s finances. If you feel someone’s negligence was to blame, discuss your options with an attorney today.