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Info About CP

Find information about the different types of cerebral palsy, early warning signs, diagnosis, treatment and more. Discover the most comprehensive resource for all things CP-related.

Cerebral Palsy Blog

Our frequently-updated cerebral palsy blog is full of information on the causes, symptoms and treatments of cerebral palsy, as well as inspirational stories and more.

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What is Cerebral Palsy?

Cerebral palsy is a group of conditions that affect muscle control and movement…

Common Causes of CP

Brain damage causes cerebral palsy. This brain damage can occur before, during or after birth…

Signs & Symptoms of CP

One early indicator of cerebral palsy in infants is an abnormal muscle tone or body positions…

Common Questions

Find answers to the most-commonly asked questions regarding cerebral palsy…

News & Current Events

Keep up to date the latest news, information and discoveries about cerebral palsy…

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Living With Cerebral Palsy

Managing the symptoms of cerebral palsy can be challenging for some, but with the right treatment and therapy options, children suffering from the effects of cerebral palsy can go on to live long, happy and productive lives. There are numerous support organizations who offer assistance to people with the condition—as well as their families. On our website, you can read about these various CP groups, as well as articles regarding what to expect, how to cope, and much more. You can also find free legal information from attorneys who specialize in cerebral palsy birth injuries.

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