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Cerebral palsy is not a birth defect, but a condition that is related to a brain injury that occurs at some point during the pregnancy or birthing process. The problem is not limited to any one state or even area within a state; in many cases, the condition is created as a result of medical malpractice birth injury, though it can sometimes be related to undiagnosed causes.

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Arizona Birth Injury Cerebral Palsy Cases

The birth injuries that cause cerebral palsy occur while the brain of the child is not yet fully developed: before, during, or shortly after childbirth. Because brain damage occurs during this developmental stage, it can impair the child’s muscle control, posture and balance, muscle tone, reflexes, and muscle coordination. This brain injury can also have a major impact on oral functions and motor skills. There are four basic causes of a cerebral palsy birth injury:

  • Factors of both an environmental and genetic nature cause disturbances in brain cell migration during the period when brain cells are attempting to move to an appropriate location while the brain is still developing.
  • Poor myelin (insulation) causes a disruption in brain function as the result of the lack of inadequate protective covering of the nerve cells that are essential for transmission.
  • Events during the birthing process can cause the blood vessels to rupture or restrict the amount of oxygen that reaches the brain resulting in a birth injury.
  • Asphyxia, infections, and trauma that occur after birth can damage the connections that are developed in the brain.

Reaction of the Parents

The big question of many parents following confirmation of a cerebral palsy birth injury diagnosis is: “How did it happen?” Unfortunately, the cause is not always definitive, but our birth injury lawyers may be able to uncover evidence of medical malpractice including improper birthing or delivery techniques.

In many cases, the condition is the result of malpractice—something that occurred during the pregnancy, delivery, or shortly after birth. This makes it important to hire an Arizona cerebral palsy birth injury lawyer to help you determine the extent of the injuries the child suffered that led to cerebral palsy. If this lifelong condition was caused by the malpractice of a doctor or medical professional, why should the financial burden be on your family? It shouldn’t, and that is where a cerebral palsy attorney comes in.

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