Spastic Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy

Spastic quadriplegia is the most debilitating form of cerebral palsy. The muscle function of the body is disrupted as a result of brain damage and the whole body is affected. Let’s look at the some aspects of this condition:


The speech of patients suffering from the condition is chronically affected. They also have stiff limbs, which results in problems in walking. People with spastic quadriplegia may also suffer from mild to severe intellectual disabilities.

Risk Factors

  • Fever — Fever during pregnancy is a common factor that results in the condition. There are various infections such as bacterial vaginosis, chorioamnionitis and sepsis that can result in a high body temperature.
  • Maternal infections — Infections in the mother pose a long-term threat and can lead to spastic cerebral palsy in infants. These are rubella (measles), toxoplasmosis and urinary tract infections (UTIs).
  • Improper intake — Inappropriate consumption of alcohol or drugs can affect the nervous system of the baby, causing spastic quadriplegia.
  • Blood type incompatibility — Incompatible blood groups between the mother and the baby can lead to jaundice, resulting in birth trauma.
  • Premature delivery — An early delivery means immature and under-developed lungs, which causes less oxygen to be delivered to the brain, leading to birth injury.


  • As discussed above, spastic quadriplegia affects the entire body of a patient. There are serious problems when bones are pulled by the spastic muscles. This can lead to a variety of limb deformities, back deformity being the most common.
  • The flexibility of the ankle can be severely affected by the condition. This makes it hard for the patient to raise his foot, forcing him to walk on his toes. This is also called foot drop syndrome.
  • This form of cerebral palsy also makes it difficult for a person to swallow, resulting in respiratory ailments. Proper nutrition, bladder and bowel difficulties are also a major concern with this condition.


Finally, it is important to know that spastic quadriplegia can also be a consequence of negligence on the part of your doctor. Speak with a cerebral palsy attorney about your case in order to help determine if you may have a potential medical malpractice claim worth pursuing.