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Most of the time, when you’re talking about technology for people with disabilities, you’re talking about expensive medical devices that somehow make their lives easier. There are technologies out there, however, that anybody who has a personal computer has access to and that can actually make life quite a bit easier for people with cerebral palsy. Some of these technologies are probably installed on your computer already and you can use them for entertainment and education.

1: Text to Speech

Just about every computer operating system has a text to speech feature on it. This feature allows the computer to read back text on a page through the speakers. There are software programs that offer more sophisticated versions of this technology, as well.

Some people with cerebral palsy have a hard time learning how to read. Having words read to you and then reading them back can sometimes make it easier to learn. It’s also possible to use this technology to listen to recorded books, which can be very entertaining for children who have a hard time handling a book in their hands.

2: Tablet Computers

The major computer manufacturers all have different versions of tablet computers. These are computers that are essentially a large screen that is operated by touch and that have fairly powerful capabilities. There have been games developed for children with cerebral palsy that help them to develop coordination by using one of these devices. One of the most well-known games works a bit like the old games from the 1970s and 80s where a colored light lit up buttons in a certain pattern and you had to match that pattern. There are plenty of other things that these types of computers can provide in the way of education and entertainment for somebody with Cerebral Palsy, as well.

3: Voice Controlled Devices

People with Cerebral Palsy oftentimes have difficulty operating devices that require fine motor skills. Smart phones and other devices now usually come with a voice control functionality. You can teach your child to use this so that they don’t have to hit the buttons on the phone or deal with the touchscreen as much. For example, they could dial home by simply telling the phone to “dial home”.

The treatment of cerebral palsy and the devices that make life easier for people who suffer with it can be very expensive. Talk to a Texas birth injury lawyer if you believe that your child’s cerebral palsy was caused by medical negligence.

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