A disabled child and her parents recently filed a lawsuit implicating three employees of Bolingbrook High School and the administration in a personal injury claim.

The child’s parents, Gregory and Lisa McNeal, allege that the teen was forced by staffers to clean tissue paper off a restroom floor and mop up blood in a toilet, endangering her health and causing her considerable emotional distress.

Cerebral Palsy is a Developmental Disorder

The child in question was born with cerebral palsy, a condition which causes physical and mental development issues. If the allegations are true, one might imagine staff thought they could get away with the incident due to the fact that the teen has the mental capacity of an 8 year old.


The teen usually gets assistance in changing her diaper and menstrual pad. However, on this particular day, the teen was reprimanded by a third staff member who claimed that she had made a mess in the toilet and that she should clean up after herself even when it was evident that she was wheelchair-bound and could not do so.

As a result, the teen sustained physical injuries and mental and emotional distress from the treatment she got. The three staff members also failed to provide her with protective clothing to protect against biohazard exposure. Additionally, the child was allegedly threatened and told that she would get locked up in a bathroom stall if she continued to run over people’s feet with her wheelchair.

Legal Compensation

Lawyers are seeking an excess of $50,000 as well as payment of hospital bills incurred during the teen’s course of treatment and court costs. This case exemplifies a typical personal injury scenario where the plaintiff was treated in an inhumane manner and exposed to physical and psychological taunts due to her disability.

The Law Protects People With Cerebral Palsy

Children born with cerebral palsy often require round the clock care and can be vulnerable to mistreatment by individuals who take advantage of the fact that someone with the condition may not be able to fight back. The law protects cerebral palsy sufferers and makes it possible for them to sue hospitals which may have had a part to play in the occurrence of the condition, as well as people who prey on the weak and helpless in society.

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