We try to monitor the news wires and keep up to date on what is going on in the cerebral palsy community. Today, I came across a story that was really touching and interesting. It’s a story about two grandparents who have taken care of their son, Malachi, for 22 years.

Cerebral palsy took Malachi’s ability to control his body and he lacks proper muscle control as a result of the condition. He has a very hard time communicating, although he does make various sounds to indicate his pleasure or displeasure with different things. He also laughs at his high school teacher’s jokes and enjoys the company of other people.

Elaine, his grandmother, tends to him without any help from caregivers. She disconnects the tube that pumps nourishment into his body every night and she also administers his anti-seizure medication. She shaves him, washes him and even dresses him. Medicare, they say, doesn’t cover everything.

Still, their family gets by and that is all that matters.

One thing that is very important to Malachi’s family is his ability to communicate. They are currently investigating a tool called “Brainfingers” to see if they may have found a way to reach their grandson.

According to the website, Brainfingers is a software that allows you to control your computer hands free. To see how it works, visit: http://www.brainfingers.com/how.htm

Technology is changing day by day. Already we have seen amazing developments in the treatment of cerebral palsy. Who knows what we will see in the future?

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