People who suffer from cerebral palsy oftentimes have a significantly diminished quality of life compared to people who do not suffer from the disorder. Most of the time, this diminished quality of life stems from the fact that cerebral palsy sufferers have difficulty controlling their muscles, which oftentimes means that they cannot walk or, if they can, that it is a very difficult affair for them. This also may affect their ability to drive, and most certainly, it affects the amount of independence they can expect to have throughout their lives.

Social Effects

The effects of cerebral palsy where one’s social life is concerned are particularly pronounced during childhood and adolescence. While most children during this time in their lives are developing physically, people with cerebral palsy will generally feel very held back and will be unable to participate in many of the activities their peers participate in. This is why it’s important to have social support networks available to children who suffer from this disorder so they do not feel alone. Some children with cerebral palsy can actually participate in athletic events and there are several organizations that organize them.

Cognitive Effects

For some people with cerebral palsy, cognitive impairment is a very real possibility. For other individuals, however, there is no cognitive impairment whatsoever that accompanies their disorder. For such individuals, is often very important to succeed academically. Some people with cerebral palsy and a pursuing very advanced degrees and end up doing very well in school. Other children may need tutoring or other resources so that they can keep up with their peers, but there are tremendous resources available as far as special education is concerned and, for most people with cerebral palsy, learning is definitely an option.

Economic Effects

Medical care, of course, is incredibly expensive. People with cerebral palsy not only need medical care, they generally also need assistive devices to help them get by. These, like the care itself, can be very expensive. The costs of this disorder can be very high, while at the same time, somebody with cerebral palsy oftentimes has a vastly diminished earning potential compared to an individual without this disorder.

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