Expected CP-Related Expenses

Sometimes, the cause of a baby’s injury is medical negligence. When this happens, the result is sometimes that the child is afflicted with cerebral palsy, an irreversible condition that results from the baby’s brain being deprived of oxygen. This condition means that the child doesn’t have full control over their muscles. This may result in a host of symptoms that can sometimes be debilitating.

The Results

Cerebral palsy causes problems with muscle tone. Often, an infant with this condition will feel either overly floppy or very rigid when held. These muscle problems continue throughout the child’s life, which means that they are sometimes unable to walk or engage in any activities that require fine control over the muscles. Some children with cerebral palsy have it much worse than others. For example, some of the children who are afflicted with this disorder end up in wheelchairs for their entire lives. Others, on the other hand, can get around fairly well on crutches or other assistive devices and have some control over their bodies.

There are also cognitive disorders that come along with cerebral palsy. Quite often, the individual affected with this disorder will have some mental impairment that will follow them throughout life. They may also have difficulty speaking and difficulty hearing. The problems with muscular control can cause difficulty emoting through the face, and the combination of problems with speech and mobility can end up making a child feel very ostracized.

How Attorneys Help

Whenever a physician renders care to a patient, a certain level of competence is expected of them. This also applies to midwives, nurses, and healthcare facilities. If the physician or other healthcare provider failed to deliver adequate medical care to the patient, and if somebody was injured. As a result, you may have the option of filing a lawsuit to seek compensation for the child’s pain and suffering and their medical expenses.

An attorney can meet with you and advise whether you have a case worth pursuing in court. If they believe this is the case, they may want to take you on as a client. Ask them about a contingency agreement, where they take you on without charging any upfront fees and do not charge you unless you win.

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