Cerebral Palsy and Charity

A cerebral palsy charity located in Green Bay, WI will receive benefits from a series of events being held this year.

The events are held by Merrill Lynch and have been going on 11 years. The events benefit various organizations, but this year, they will be benefiting the Cerebral Palsy Center in Green Bay. These events include a silent auction, an oral auction, a raffle and a dinner. In a story in the Green Bay Press Gazette, a Merrill Lynch representative said that it was the impact of the agency’s activities and their energy that got them selected as the beneficiaries of the events.

Charitable Events and Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral Palsy is a popular cause for charitable activities. The disorder and its consequences are rather well known, which means that raising awareness of the condition is not so much an issue for people who need funding for an organization, in most cases. Because many families who have children with Cerebral Palsy are also swamped financially by medical expenses and other expenses associated with the condition, this is a lot of legitimate need to give cerebral palsy parents help at times.

Fundraisers for specific families and their children and fundraisers for organizations are common where Cerebral Palsy is concerned. This can be of great assistance to families, but it’s sometimes not enough. One has to keep in mind how expensive dealing with this disorder can be.

Medical Costs

Most children with Cerebral Palsy do need a lot of medical treatment. Even if their Cerebral Palsy symptoms are relatively mild, they’ll still need to go to the doctor far more than will other children their age and that means that their parents have to be prepared to face these expenses. Sometimes, charitable organizations can help here and there. It may not seem like much to give a family a wheelchair for their child when the family as to pay for a major surgery, but any effort really does make a difference in people’s lives.

There are cases of this disorder that are the direct results of medical malpractice. In these cases, the families are sometimes lucky enough to find a good lawyer and to win a lawsuit, enabling them to get compensated for what their child has been put through and for the expenses that the family and child will face. These lawsuits sometimes pay into the millions, but quite frequently, the cost of caring for a child with cerebral palsy can cost much more than that.

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