Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids with Cerebral Palsy

Gift Ideas for Those With Cerebral Palsy

This holiday season gives you an opportunity to improve the quality of life of anyone in your family who has cerebral palsy. There are various gift ideas which might help with the person’s movement, comfort or general interaction with his environment.

We’ve gathered a couple of gift ideas around the internet to help you ease the suffering caused by this condition.

The Benefeat Cutlery Set

benefeat-dishwareEating from normal plates and cutlery can be a problem for people with cerebral palsy due to their undeveloped motor skills as well as not-so-perfect coordination. A team of designers recently set out to create dining sets that make it easy for these individuals to take part in social dining.

The Benefeat cutlery set contains 5 parts of cutlery, all of which are ergonomically made to give them surfaces which can be easily gripped as well as pieces which have non-slip place mats.

You can check out the Benefeat Cutlery Set here

Tobbles Neo

tobblesThis is a great toy which is especially useful for kids with undeveloped motor skills, a symptom commonly found within cerebral palsy patients. This toy is comprised of six weighted colored pieces that a child stacks, one on top of the other. They have an interesting texture which makes them great for exploration. At the same time, these balls can spin, wobble, wiggle and tilt which captures the child’s attention for long periods of time.
You can purchase Tobbles Neo here.

The Little Partners Learning Tower

If you have a kid with cerebral palsy, you know how hard it is to leave them for a few hours while you carry out a few duties around the house. The Little Partners Learning Tower takes that worry away from you by providing your kid with a way of being independent. This is a safe step tool that you can place in convenient areas such as the kitchen as you prepare meals. Your kid can then use it to reach the counter, turn it into an art easel or simply turn them into more responsible members of the family by helping them wash their hands before meals. This tower helps them exercise their muscles, balance and motor skills.

You can buy the Little Partners Learning Tower here.

The Tote and Go Laptop

tote-n-go-laptopSpeech is a major concern for individuals with cerebral palsy. While people born with this condition may be reasonably intelligent, lack of facial muscle control may cause them to struggle when it comes to speaking in a coherent manner.

The Speak to Me toy is shaped like a laptop computer complete with a brightly colored screen, colorful keyboard, mouse and pad. This cute laptop helps train a kid’s visual reflexes as well as vocabulary.  It also comes with 20 engaging activities which teach numbers, logic, counting and shapes, keeping a child busy and interested for hours.

Click on this link to buy the Tote and Go Laptop.

Wheelchair Waterproof Rain Poncho

rain-ponchoThis poncho is ideal for moving around with your kid or loved one who may be confined to a wheelchair as a result of cerebral palsy. It provides ample, over-the-knee coverage and is 100 percent water-repellent helping to keep the person in the wheelchair dry at all times. You can also purchase a similar fleece-lined or Sherpa-lined product for more warmth.

You can find the wheelchair waterproof rain poncho here.

Children with cerebral palsy may be able to live normal lives if they receive love, care, mental and physical stimulation to help them reach developmental milestones in a timely manner. Choose one of these gifts today and help put a smile on a kid today.

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