Children with cerebral palsy may have to overcome many obstacles to accomplish their goals.

A few young ladies have figured out their goals, and accomplished them with determination and hard work.  It is always inspiring to hear about goals being attained by children who face a more more challenges due to cerebral palsy!

Reese Burks

Reese Burks was born with cerebral palsy but that does not stop her from fulfilling her goals. One of Reese’s favorite things to do is play soccer because she can leave her physical problems from CP behind. Just recently, She scored her first goal at a junior varsity soccer game. This had been a long time goal of hers and she accomplished it with hard work.  Reese’s coaches say she works hard no matter what and Reese says she does not want any special treatment but just wants to be a part of the team.

Sophie Nugent

After being diagnosed with CP at 18 months, doctors said that Sophie Nugent would never be able to walk.  Sophie just wanted to be able to dance after admiring people just has Rihanna and JLS. After undergoing a complicated spinal surgery in the US, Sophie took her first step just four days later. Now Sophie, who is not only walking on her own, is finally able to dance with her friends.  Sophies parents are so grateful that their daughter received this surgery and has fulfilled her dream of dancing.

Randi Gabbert

Randi Gabbert was born prematurely and after two months was diagnosed with CP.  Randi has undergone numerous surgeries to straighten out her legs when she was younger.  She currently is walking with crutches but aspires to someday walk on her own.  She currently has no surgeries planned and says that walking on her own all depends on her hard work.

In Randi’s spare time she sings at Big Harry’s Tavern and other taverns with her dad and his band.  Although Randi needs a little help getting up to the stage, when she gets up there she needs no help to sing.  Randi has turned into a local celebrity, has her photo on the wall at the tavern and even has her own little fan club that comes to see her sing.  Her mom says that even though she is aware of her handicap, Randi does not let it hold her back.

Randi says she does not know where her love for music comes from, but she says she knows she will not be happy without it!

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