CP and Medical Malpractice at Birth

Unfortunately, paying for the treatment of cerebral palsy is out of the financial abilities of many of the parents whose children are affected by this disorder. With state and federal governments looking for ways to save money and many social assistance programs firmly on the chopping block, the outlook for people with severe disabilities can be grim.

Finding sources of funding can sometimes be frustratingly difficult. However, when you consider the expenses of a disorder such as cerebral palsy, you’ll look at figures that most people will never have to deal with for their healthcare.

Cost of Medication

People living with Cerebral Palsy sometimes benefit from treatment with certain medications. These are often given as injections into the muscle tissue, allowing the muscles to improve in tone. These injections may also help the child deal with the tremors that come with some types of cerebral palsy.

Cost of Assistance

Some parents would not be able to care for their children at all if it wasn’t for the assistance of professional caregivers. Professionals can help parents provide care that sometimes keeps the child from having to be institutionalized, which is necessary in some very severe cases of cerebral palsy. If your child has severe cerebral palsy symptoms, this may be the best option for giving them the type of care that they need.

Costs of Special Education

You may find that the school district your child is enrolled in will have enough resources to provide for their needs, or you might find that it’s sorely lacking. You may have to relocate to a better district or pay special education costs, which, again, can be very high.

Costs of Equipment

If your child is severely disabled, you’ll need to get them a wheelchair to get around in. This also means putting ramps on your house and hardware in your vehicle so you can take your child in the car. This type of equipment can be costly. Hearing aids and other assistive devices are also expensive. If you’re in a situation where you need to get these devices for your child, you may find that they’re beyond your budget, even if necessary, to live a fulfilling life.

Many parents will be unable to pay for the kind of medical professionals who can help mitigate the difficulties that cerebral palsy causes. Some more-obvious professionals include speech therapists, physical therapists, and doctors. Combined, they can become costly, indeed out of the financial wherewithal of the average working family. When parents are trying to figure out how they will care for a child with cerebral palsy, they also have to figure out how the child will care for themselves after the parents have gone. This is a frightening prospect for most parents who want to ensure their child has the best chance of living a rich and whole life.

This is where a cerebral palsy attorney comes in. While not all cases of cerebral palsy are caused by medical negligence, some of them most certainly are. When this is the case, the parents may be able to file a lawsuit against the doctor or the hospital that provided services during birth. The money you might receive from a jury award or a settlement could be enough to cover these treatments, but you’ll have to speak with a lawyer to discuss your case. Only an attorney can determine whether or not your case does involve medical negligence. A jury will decide whether or not you deserve an award for the damages you’ve suffered.

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