With current medical technology, brain injuries unfortunately cannot be repaired. This means that people who suffer from cerebral palsy cannot be “cured.” There are, however, options that may allow people with cerebral palsy to enjoy a much better quality of life, and in some cases, to do things they may have never dreamed possible.


There are several surgeries being used to treat people with cerebral palsy. The surgeries generally involve severing nerves that cause spasms in specific muscles. Because of an ever-increasing understanding of nerves, in some cases, physicians are able to target and sever nerves in order to alleviate specific symptoms.

Other surgeries used as cerebral palsy treatments involve implanting devices like . These are small canisters that are filled with a specific drug that is used to treat the symptoms of severe spasticity associated with several forms of cerebral palsy. The device allows the drug to be released over a period of time in a controlled amount, allowing the sufferer to experience some relief from the symptoms that they endure.

Physical Therapy

If a child gets a surgery that helps them get better control over their muscles, it’s likely that they’re also going to need to learn to use those muscles. Fortunately, physical therapy is always advancing, and physical therapists are able to use advanced techniques to help children who have newfound control over their muscles utilize those muscles for everyday tasks.

Physical therapy can also help people who have to use assistive devices. By learning how to properly balance themselves and by developing muscle strength in parts of their body that are not as significantly affected by cerebral palsy, people are able to compensate and some of them become very adept at getting around on crutches, walkers and other devices. Because there are provisions that require businesses and workplaces to have accommodations for people with disabilities, people who have a good physical therapist and the right equipment can oftentimes lead very independent lives.

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