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Many parents who find out that their child has cerebral palsy only then realize what a challenging group of disorders this can be. For many of them, there is sometimes a little bit of guilt involved when they realize how much people with this disorder sometimes suffer. If feeling like you could’ve done more before it affected you motivates you to do some good now, there are plenty of ways that you can express that motivation.

Join an Advocacy Organization

United Cerebral Palsy is the most well-known advocacy organization for people with cerebral palsy. There may be other organizations located near where you live, however. There may even be county or city government organizations that you can volunteer to help with so that you can help people with cerebral palsy and other disabilities.


Sometimes, people who have children with cerebral palsy are understandably strapped for time. If you have enough money, you may consider donating some of it to an organization that appeals to you. Some of them have programs where you can set yourself up as a regular donor and make an ongoing contribution. Some organizations even accept old vehicles as contributions, so be sure to check in and see what options are available to you if you want to help an organization with a cash donation.


You may have to become something of an educator to help your child do better socially. Anticipate that you’ll have to explain what cerebral palsy is to some of their new friends and that you’ll have to sometimes take the lead role in providing impromptu education for people who have never met somebody with cerebral palsy before. One way you can get very good at this is to read forums where other parents of children with cerebral palsy gather. You can also read educational materials about cerebral palsy yourself and share what you learn. You’ll be surprised at how interested many people are in learning about people with disabilities, and what they can do to make the lives of people with disabilities better.

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