Cerebral Palsy Birth Injury Lawyer

In some cases, you may wish to explore whether or not you have the option of pursuing a legal action against a medical provider over a baby injuryCerebral palsy in infants is sometimes the direct result of medical negligence. This can occur because the child is deprived of oxygen during the birthing process. Because of the huge amount of expenses that any family in a situation where their child is so affected will face, many of them choose to speak with an attorney.

What is Cerebral Palsy?

Cerebral palsy is a condition that results from a specific type of birth injury. It has many effects. Some of the most common include:

  • An inability to walk
  • Speech problems
  • Intellectual impairment
  • Vision problems
  • Hearing problems

This injury can have very severe consequences. When a doctor or a healthcare provider was negligent in their duties to their patient, it means that they may be liable for damages and that it’s worth it to speak to an attorney.

What Can an Attorney Do?

First and foremost, an attorney can sit down with you and discuss the circumstances that led to the injury. Before you become too certain that the doctors or healthcare provider was negligent, it’s important to remember that Cerebral Palsy oftentimes occurs for natural causes that are nobody’s fault. The child may have been strangulated by the umbilical cord in the womb or the doctors and birth team may have taken all the measures that could be expected of them during the birthing process to no avail. An attorney will need to review your case with you.

What if I Have a Case?

If your attorney believes that you do have a case, they’ll need to put it together for you so that it’s ready to be argued in front of a jury. This can take some time, so it’s important to not tarry in talking to one. They’ll be aware of any time limitations on your case and, if they apply, they’ll know how to make sure that you meet those deadlines.

If you do have a good case, there is a chance that it will net you an award from a jury or a settlement from the party being sued. This cannot be guaranteed but, if the attorney takes your case, it’s because they believe that you do have a chance and that there may have been negligence that contributed to the injuries that your child suffered.

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