Hiring a Cerebral Palsy Lawyer

Are you looking to hire a cerebral palsy lawyer?

There are a lot of lawyers out there, but make sure you look for an attorney experienced in cerebral palsy birth injury cases. These attorneys have the specialized expertise required to make sure that families have the best chances of winning the claims that they bring.

In some cases, the medical investigations into the cause of the child’s Cerebral Palsy might make it obvious that negligence was a factor. In other cases, however, the lawyer may have to do quite a bit of investigation and hire their own expert witnesses to determine if and how negligence played a role in your child’s development of cerebral palsy.

A lawyer with experience handling these cases will understand how to establish medical negligence, but they’ll need to investigate your claims to determine whether there is a good likelihood that medical malpractice was a factor at all. This consultation is usually free, and as long as they work on contingency, you don’t ever pay them a penny out of pocket.

While your attorney cannot tell you for sure whether or not you will win your case, contingency attorneys are usually very picky about the cases they accept. If your attorney agrees to handle your case on contingency, you can be certain that they believe you have a good chance at a successful claim.

A jury may award all, part, or none of the damages that you’re seeking. They may also rule in the other party’s favor if your claims are not backed up and substantiated. If you have a particularly strong case, the other party may want to settle the claim out of court. In these instances, you and your attorney are offered a sum of money to drop the case. If the amount offered is acceptable to you, you avoid the costs of going to court and the risk that the jury may find against you in exchange for taking the settlement amount offered.

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