Cerebral Palsy Strong

In some cases, cerebral palsy can be debilitating. Many people with the condition, however, live very full lives with nothing holding them back!.

For example, the AMC series Breaking Bad features actor R.J. MItte, who has CP. Anyone who has seen the show knows full well that CP is not always debilitating and, in fact, some of the people who suffer with it are quite accomplished.


Many of the preconceptions about CP are based on people assuming that every case of CP entails the same level of injury. CP, however, is a brain injury and not all sufferers are affected to the same degree. Some of those with ataxic cerebral palsy, for instance, cannot walk at all, while others get around very well on crutches. Some sufferers of CP have significant intellectual impairments and others are brilliant, having no other brain damage save for that which affected their muscle control.

Severe Cases

People with severe cases of CP oftentimes do need very involved care. This may include a wheelchair, the constant presence of professional caregivers or even spending their lives in an assisted living facility. Unfortunately, brain injuries can be very severe and they sometimes prevent a person from being able to function at all on their own.

Real and Universal Issues

CP, no matter how severe or moderate the symptoms may be, always means that the sufferer has more medical expenses than someone without the disorder. At the very least, they’ll generally need devices to help them get around, as walking difficulties are almost universal with this condition. Many of them also have problems hearing and seeing.

One of the most difficult issues that sufferers of CP face is dealing with stereotypes. In school age children, there can be severe feelings of social ostracism and a lot of difficulty fitting in with other children. This has improved markedly over the years, however, as people have learned to see suffers of CP as simply people who happen to have an injury.

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