birth injury lawsuit

In the turmoil following a birth injury diagnosis, legal action often gets overlooked by overwhelmed families. Yet pursuing negligence claims represents a key avenue for securing resources to cover the mounting costs of lifelong care.

Building a Case

The first step involves comprehensively documenting mistakes made during labor and delivery through:

  • Thorough medical record review
  • Consultations with independent experts

Evidence of errors like failing to perform a timely C-section or properly respond to signs of fetal distress demonstrates a breach of duty.

Connecting negligent actions to resulting disabilities makes the basis for a strong claim. An experienced attorney assists with developing strategy.

Types of Compensation

Because birth injuries incur a lifetime of prohibitively expensive medical treatment, lost wages, and other costs, successful claims seek substantial compensation, including:

  • Upfront payment for current/future medical expenses, adaptive equipment, home modifications
  • Establishment of protected trust funds providing ongoing income
  • Coverage of non-economic damages like pain and suffering

Funds get structured to provide lifetime care while preserving government benefits.

It’s Not Just About Money

Successful verdicts deliver financial support and a sense of justice and accountability after a traumatic experience. The legal process further uncovers answers surrounding what went wrong and why.

No dollar amount fully compensates for a child’s permanent disabilities and compromised quality of life. However, legal action empowers families with resources to offer the best possible care throughout each stage of childhood and beyond.

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