CP and Hearing Loss

CP and Hearing Loss

If you have a child with CP, it’s likely that they’re going to have some degree of compromised hearing among their symptoms. They may also have speech difficulties, which arise from not being able to hear their own voices when they talk and not being able to hear the nuances of how words are pronounced. There are other symptoms of CP that cause speech difficulties, as well, and they come with their own challenges and treatments. For hearing loss or impairment, however, there are some very successful treatments that can help.

1: Hearing Aides

Hearing Aides have been improved a great deal over recent decades. The miniaturization of very sophisticated technologies has allowed for the creation of devices that are smaller and better at boosting specific frequencies that help in hearing. Hearing aide experts can help you to select a model that will give your child the most benefit. These devices can make it possible for people with certain levels of hearing impairment to participate in conversations normally and to hear every word.

2: Speech Therapy

Speech therapists can do amazing things. What they do is based on teaching speech in a way that accommodates the needs of people with difficulties. The way that most people learn how to speak properly is based on having a normal range of hearing and full control of the face and mouth. For people with CP, neither of those things is a given. A good speech therapist can help someone with CP to learn to pronounce their words in a way that makes them easy to understand and in a way that makes it possible for the student to express themselves with fewer difficulties.

3: Reading and Writing Help

These skills are both related to speech and hearing and, because of that, they can pose some special challenges to people with CP. If your child has CP, you may have to invest in a tutor or have them attend special classes in school to help them learn to read and write properly. Again, modern educational techniques offer a lot of promise in this regard.

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