Cerebral palsy will make it harder for a child while they’re growing up. Even if the child is not developmental delayed, they may feel left out of their peer group because of their physical limitations.

If you’re a parent dealing with a new child who has CP, here are some of the challenges that you might be facing in the near future.

Problems with Mobility

Mobility issues will be a given for just about everybody who suffers with cerebral palsy. This disorder is felt most significantly in the affected individual’s ability to control their muscles. Because the control of their muscles is compromised, it’s hard for individuals with cerebral palsy to walk, climb stairs, open doors and perform other tasks, in many situations. Some people aren’t as affected as others, and new treatments and assistive devices promise to make mobility issues less significant in the future.

Learning Disabilities

Learning disabilities are common with people with cerebral palsy. They will sometimes have difficulty with one subject in particular – commonly math – or they might be a bit behind their peers in terms of cognitive development in general. Either way, parents have to figure out ways to accommodate their special needs child as far as special education goes. This sometimes requires the assistance of expensive tutors or being enrolled in a facility that is specially prepared to deal with people with cerebral palsy.

Hearing and Speech

People with cerebral palsy quite frequently have difficulties hearing and speaking. The problems speaking emanate from the fact that speech requires very sophisticated control of the muscles of the face, mouth and tongue. Because cerebral palsy affects the individual’s ability to control their muscles, it’s sometimes exceptionally difficult for them to speak in an intelligible way. Speech therapy can do wonders for people who have a hard time speaking and being understood. With the right coach and enough time invested, many people with severe problems speaking can develop completely intelligible and usable speech abilities.

The development issues that go along with cerebral palsy do carry a price tag with them. Parents who have to deal with this condition are going to have to provide for the child and make certain that they have access to the best resources available. A cerebral palsy attorney may be able to help you if the birth injuries that your child suffered were the result of medical malpractice.

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