I read a fascinating report in the Shanghai Daily recently. In it, they describe a cerebral palsy treatment that combines both Chinese and Western methods of therapy.

The method was developed by Lu Shunling, a woman who has cerebral palsy herself. She claims that it has already had a dramatic effect on bedridden children and has helped them lead a more normal life.

The program is hosted at the CereCare Wellness Center for Children in Shanghai’s Xuhui District and involves acupressure messages that was developed by Lu (who is 70 years old!) when she was very young.

Lu’s sister, Iris Sung is a director at the center and she says that Lu has adapted a wonderful system for other victims of cerebral palsy. She told the press that Lu trained with seven different acupressurists before she learned her own style of acupressure.

The treatment itself also includes rehabilitation that works to loosen joints and muscles and helps children control their movements.

So far, there are 32 children being treated at the CereCare center, where basic education classes are also part of the curriculum. They say that their ultimate goal is for children to be able to attend a normal school.

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