Cerebral Palsy Strong

Physical therapy is important when it comes to managing cerebral palsy. Join us as we discuss some of the most popular exercises that can help alleviate the pain and discomfort associated with the condition.

Cerebral palsy is a developmental condition characterized by impaired mobility and cognitive problems. This condition occurs due to some form of injury or infection which injures a developing baby’s brain. Most of these injuries usually affect the motor and speech parts of the brain, meaning that a child born with cerebral palsy may have a hard time moving around without assistance. Fortunately, there are a couple of exercises that many individuals born with cerebral palsy can do in order to enhance mobility and increase both muscle tone and speech.

  1. Aqua Therapy

    Aqua Therapy

    This is a gentle yet highly effective form of exercise carried out in a large body of water such as a pool. Children with cerebral palsy go through aerobic motions while immersed in water. This effectively strengthens and tones their muscles in a fun and stress-free way. The water provides the needed resistance to make these exercises effective.

    Some of the benefits of aquatherapy include increased motor coordination, balance, and range of motion. This activity also creates a loving and supportive environment within which to get fit. It’s important to get a child suffering from cerebral palsy exercising early in life so they can reap maximum benefits out of this program.

  2. Stretching & Yoga

    Stretching & Yoga

    Yoga and Stretching
    Some variations of cerebral palsy present with muscle stiffness, making it hard for an individual to walk or even hold things. Yoga and stretching help expand muscles in a safe way. Through a series of timed breaths and movements, a person with cerebral palsy gains better awareness of his body and learns ways in which they can get immediate relief from muscle spasticity or stiffness. Cerebral palsy yoga poses have been specially adapted to ensure that they don’t put unneeded strain on the person practicing them.

  3. Speech Therapy

    Speech Therapy

    Speech and Language Therapy
    Children born with cerebral palsy may have slurred speech or have trouble formulating complete sentences. This may affect their self esteem and lead to other psychological issues such as anxiety. Speech language pathologists carry out a series of exercises to help these children learn how to correctly pronounce words, enunciate as well as use compensatory strategies to improve their communication and language skills.

All these exercises may go a long way in helping individuals born with this developmental condition cope with the demands of their world and boost their overall self confidence as they go through life.

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