Seizures After Birth

Filing a cerebral palsy lawsuit is always a big decision. Aside from the work involved in building the case, there is the fact that you may have to testify in court. For some people, this is very intimidating, though that’s usually because they tend to overestimate what’s involved in the process. A good birth injury attorney can make this process as painless as possible but, of course, there are some considerations you should take into account.

You’ll have to pay legal fees for your attorney’s services. Some very wealthy people have an attorney already and may rely on that attorney for their services. In most cases, however, people will have to hire an attorney.

Look for one that works on contingency. You’ll still have to pay fees, but you won’t have to pay them unless they win your claim. This means that you won’t be stuck with a bill if pressing the lawsuit doesn’t do you any good in the end.

Going to Court

This is always scary. Your attorney is there to help you prepare, however, and you’ll find that you probably don’t have to deal with as much as you may think. The claims for medical negligence can be very complex, but you’re not going to be expected to have a great deal knowledge of medicine or negligence law yourself, so work with your attorney and simply find out what they need you to do to give your case the best chance in front of a jury.


These are actually one of the best situations that can come about because of a lawsuit. If the party you filed the action against knows you’re likely to win, they may offer a settlement. This is an offer of money to get you to drop the case and it’s mutually beneficial, in some cases. Again, you’re attorney will help you negotiate a settlement, so there is little to worry about where this is concerned.


In some instances, there may be time limitations regarding how long you have to file the lawsuit. Make sure you talk to your attorney about this. You can just call an attorney and ask them if this applies, in most cases, and they’ll let you know. Cerebral palsy causes anyone affected with it to have to face down big expenses and many challenges. Make sure you explore your options if you suspect that medical negligence was involved in your child’s condition.

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