It’s important for children who have cerebral palsy to engage in activities that are designed to accommodate their disability. These activities can be essential in helping the child enjoy the highest quality of life possible and to improve their muscular and skeletal development.

Importance of Choosing Appropriate Activities

Play activities are an essential part of the daily routines of children. Giving a child with Cerebral Palsy encouragement to play can have a positive effect on their physical, emotional, and intellectual development. This need for play is not just important for children with cerebral palsy, but also children who suffer from other muscle and skeletal conditions such as muscular dystrophy and spina bifida.

While there are plenty of toys designed specifically for children with cerebral palsy, you don’t necessarily need to go out of the way to find specialized toys and games – you can find many appropriate items in your local toy store. It’s worth noting though, that sometimes it may be necessary to make adjustments in order to make some toys easier for your child to play with.

Tips for Choosing Appropriate Games and Activities

It is not too difficult to choose activities and toys for children with cerebral palsy, but there are some criteria that parents may wish to follow. One of the most important things to keep in mind is to match an individual child’s skills with those necessary to perform the activity or play with the toy. Parents also need to consider any skills the child may need to grow more proficient in and thus choose toys that will allow the child to enhance those skills.

Benefits of Appropriate Toys and Activities

Improvement in Stability

Many children with cerebral palsy are unable to remain steady. Parents can choose toys that help support the child while also providing stability during the period of play. Examples include swings, tricycles, and various riding toys.

Outdoor Gyms and Various Playsets

Outdoor playsets can encourage children to stand, stretch, play, and climb to the limits of their abilities. It is a good idea to choose safety swings that come with belts in order to provide an extra measure of safety for a child with cerebral palsy.

Non-Slip Toys that Remain in Place

Choosing toys that remain in place and will not slip can lessen the risk of falling injuries to a child. Some of the methods a parent can use to accomplish this include non-slip strips, Velcro, and suction cups.

Easy to Hold Toys

Many children with cerebral palsy have trouble gripping, so it can be important to choose toys that are designed to be easier to grasp. For instance, it’s possible to find crayons and markers that are designed in ball and triangle shapes that make it much easier for certain children to grasp.

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