There are always new treatments being developed for cerebral palsy. Because cerebral palsy is a disorder caused by a brain injury, there’s really nothing that can be done to actually reverse or even treat the actual cause of CP, treatments mostly focus on treating the symptoms. In the future, however, there very well may be options in that vein. Right now, most of the innovations still have to do with how the symptoms of CP are treated.

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Cerebral Palsy Treatment

Future CP Treatment Options

The popular tablet computer products on the market have been developed, in some instances, to play a part in treating CP. The way that these devices are used usually has to do with cognition, though it can address physical handicaps, as well. Tablet computers have been provided with programs that help CP sufferers to get some exercise and to improve their control over their muscles with simple games. The fact that these versatile devices even exist, and are so portable, opens the door for numerous other forms of treatment that may be provided through computers.

Muscle Stimulation

Treatments that use hot, cold, massage and other stimuli are always being improved upon and can help with spasmodic muscles. New devices, however, go a bit further. These devices include ones that stimulate the muscles by sending electrical current through it. This allows the individual with the device to walk better and provides a way to relax the muscles so that the sufferer’s body is more properly aligned. Twisted feet, for instance, can be straightened out with these devices, making it easier to walk.


Scientists are looking at ways that the brain damage that causes CP can be prevented. Even though this won’t help anyone who already has the disorder, it may be the beginning of such treatments. Current medical science has no way of relieving brain injuries, but that doesn’t mean that future medical science will not have ways to prevent or treat brain injuries.

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