According to a recent article in Forbes, people with cerebral palsy may have more to look forward to as far as getting assistance dealing with some of the most frustrating aspects of the condition.

Cerebral palsy causes problems controlling the muscles, and while some of the people who suffer it are able to get around quite well on their own and live independently, it still causes issues for them. Smartphone technology is being brought into the fight to help people with Cerebral Palsy live better lives.

Improving Coordination

For sufferers of Cerebral Palsy, small, fine motions tend to be the most frustrating. This is when control of their muscles really tends to break down, and in some cases, tremors and other symptoms become worse when people attempt the finest of all motor actions. The article in Forbes reveals that researchers have begun using smartphones (iPhones and Androids) to develop applications that can help people with Cerebral Palsy (and other conditions such as stroke) develop better motor skills. The implications of this go beyond learning a few new games to help build these skills. Smartphones are portable devices that people can use to do these exercises whenever they have a free moment and want a distraction.

The touch-sensitive screen on these devices is a natural fit for games that increase motor skills and mobility. The games can be devised so that they’re fun to play. The article mentions one that involves popping digital balloons. It also mentions that these devices can be used to collect data, which is important for occupational therapists who are trying to assist individuals to develop better motor skills.

Some people with cerebral palsy have significant problems trying to speak. The article mentions that these assistive programs are extending further than therapy and becoming ways to help individuals communicate, as well. Specific applications provide a way for individuals who cannot speak or have a lot of trouble being understood to communicate which of course, could reduce the feelings of isolation that many individuals with Cerebral Palsy experience.

People who have conditions such as cerebral palsy, who have suffered strokes, etc. oftentimes have challenges that are very expensive to treat. In fact, the treatment of cerebral palsy symptoms and other conditions can be incredibly expensive and last well into adulthood.

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