A child in the UK who suffered a massive stroke while in the womb has surpassed the expectations of physicians, according to the Daily Mail. The child, now three, showed up at nursery walking and talking, two things that physicians never thought he would be able to do.

Like many parents of a child who has suffered a brain injury in the womb, the parents of this child were told that he would be very unlikely to ever be able to speak or to walk. Physicians even doubted his ability to see. The child, however, has shown exceptional development, and contrary to what physicians first thought, he seems to have reached several very important milestones.

Speech, Walking and CP

Children who suffer brain injuries in the womb sometimes end up developing cerebral palsy. This group of disorders is characterized by trouble controlling the muscles. Oftentimes, that translates to exceptional difficulty speaking, as speaking requires a great deal of coordination between the mouth, face and tongue.

Some affected children do end up being able to speak intelligibly through speech therapy. This type of therapy helps people to develop new ways of forming words and helps them to understand what parts of their speech are difficult for people to comprehend. Speech therapy for cerebral palsy sufferers can make a huge difference in these people’s lives, even for adults. Of course, this can also go a long way toward alleviating the feelings of isolation that cerebral palsy sufferers oftentimes feel.

Therapies and Costs

Providing speech therapy for people with cerebral palsy requires a great deal of skill and knowledge. This is a very specialized field, and with the right training and the right experience, a speech therapist can work wonders for people who have a hard time communicating. Not only does it improve communication, it improves confidence and self-esteem.

Because some therapies for cerebral palsy are so expensive, some parents simply cannot afford to provide them for their children. If your child developed cerebral palsy injury due to medical malpractice, you may wish to speak with an attorney about filing a lawsuit against the parties responsible, as it could net enough money to help you pay for the types of therapy and medical care that can benefit cerebral palsy sufferers in many different ways.

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