The Times-Series reports that an eight-year-old violinist is going to put on a concert to raise money to help a friend who has cerebral palsy. The violinist’s friend requires £15,000 for an operation that may mean the difference between spending her life in a wheelchair and being able to walk. The girl with cerebral palsy, who is named Chase, suffers from spastic diplegia. It is one of the many different types of cerebral palsy and is particularly associated with presenting difficulty for the sufferer when they are walking.

Getting Help With Cerebral Palsy

The young violinist stated she would be happy if she could raise £1,000 for her friend. In reality, just about any operation related to treating cerebral palsy is going to cost many times that amount, but every little bit helps. People with cerebral palsy sometimes have to rely upon the goodwill of others to get by, there are nonprofit organizations set up around the world to help people with cerebral palsy and some people even seek out cerebral palsy help online. Sadly, for most people with cerebral palsy, the greatest difficulty that they face has to do with money.

Treatment and Expenses

Like many things in life, there is good and bad news where the treatments for cerebral palsy are concerned. The good news is that there are many more treatments available than there have ever been in the past. Some of these treatments can actually restore a great deal of the mobility that a cerebral palsy sufferer would otherwise not have and some of them can greatly reduce the muscle spasming characteristic of cerebral palsy, allowing the sufferer to enjoy a great deal more comfort in their everyday life and to be less disabled. That being said, these treatments can be incredibly expensive, and that is the bad news.

Getting Help

People who suffer from cerebral palsy sometimes come down with the condition due to physician negligence of one type or another. This generally happens when something isn’t attended to during the process of delivering the child and, because of that, the child ends up suffering a brain injury that leads to cerebral palsy symptoms. In these instances, the physician who was responsible for the injury or the healthcare facility for whom they worked may be vulnerable to being sued for malpractice. Speak to an attorney who specializes in cerebral palsy medical malpractice claims for more information on your legal options.

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