Cerebral palsy can be wildly variable between one individual and the next. A diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy may not mean the same thing from one child to the next. The condition results from a brain injury and, depending upon the severity of that injury and the areas of the brain it affects, the condition may have more or less of an impact on the affected person’s life. Here are some of the ways that it can vary significantly.

1. Muscle Control

Types of Cerebral Palsy

Some people with Cerebral Palsy have spasms that leave them bedridden for a few days at a time. Others have barely any muscle control at all and cannot even eat solid food. This is one of the areas where the severity of Cerebral Palsy will have significant effects on how the affected individual’s life turns out. Sometimes, they will have a fairly normal life with few limitations (e.g. trouble opening doors, using silverware or performing other fine motor tasks).

2. Learning

Some people with Cerebral Palsy are fully developed mentally and others are severely impaired. In cases where learning is severely impaired, the sufferer may need assistance throughout their entire life. On the other hand, there are doctors, lawyers, scientists and famous actors who have Cerebral Palsy, so this is another area where the effects are highly variable.

3. Sensitivity to Touch

Some people with Cerebral Palsy are overly-sensitive in some areas of their body or may experience pain for no visible reason. This can be debilitating in some instances. Of course, muscle spasms can be painful, as well. If your child complains of odd pains, talk to your doctor. They’ll likely have you speak with a neurologist about the matter and may be able to determine an effective treatment.

4. Problems Speaking

Some people with Cerebral Palsy have a distinctive way of speaking that results from a lack of fine control over the tongue, mouth and lips. Others cannot speak at all. When people with Cerebral Palsy can manage to speak, they can do very well with speech therapy, in many cases. Hearing problems can compound speech problems, just as they can in people who have hearing impairment for reasons other than Cerebral Palsy.

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