Seizures After Birth

When people visit a Texas cerebral palsy attorney, it’s often because they’re facing the expenses of treating a child afflicted with this injury. Cerebral palsy is sometimes caused by negligence during the birthing process. This can lead to the infant’s brain being deprived of oxygen and, consequently, to the injury associated with cerebral palsy. This injury is entirely to the brain and, therefore, never heals. The symptoms of this injury can be very severe and may require very expensive and very involved treatments. Some of the common manifestations of this injury and their treatment options follow.

Hearing and Speech: Children who suffer from this injury oftentimes need therapy and medical devices to assist them with problems with hearing and speech. Cerebral palsy causes damage to the parts of the brain that control these faculties, and, in many cases, these difficulties lead to problems learning and keeping up in school.

Sight: Children affected by this brain injury also often have problems with their vision. This can usually be corrected with glasses, though some cases are very severe.

Mobility: This is the area that most people associate with a cerebral palsy injury. There are several different types of cerebral palsy, and they tend to have different effects on mobility. Some of them result in the individual being able to walk but having a very shaky, unsteady gait. In other cases, a child may be completely unable to walk. In most cases, children who suffer from Cerebral Palsy need some assistive device to get around. This might be something as simple as a walker or crutches or something as complicated as an electric wheelchair. Mobility assistance devices can be among the most expensive of the means used to treat the consequences of this disease.

If you believe that the cerebral palsy your child suffers from was caused by negligence during the birthing process, which is sometimes the case, you may wish to consult with an attorney. Attorneys specializing in this field will be able to determine whether or not you have a case that deserves to be heard by a jury. There’s no guarantee that you’ll win, but you can win compensation through a jury award or settlement if the party being sued decides to offer one instead of going to court.

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