Christy Keeley was born with a moderate form of cerebral palsy known as spastic diplegia. She says that growing up in an able-bodied school with Cerebral Palsy was one of the biggest frustrations she ever encountered.

In order for Christy to walk, she had to constantly be aware of each process involved with walking. Losing her concentration or becoming tired meant she would fall right down. But she worked hard and never gave up.

As she grew older, Christy took up a sport called “hillwalking.” Hill walking helped provide her with a sense of mental and physical well-being. Going to the pool and doing lanes and then heading up the side of the mountain was a wonderful way for her to eliminate negative energy. Christy does her hillwalking with a group of friends, and she says the mental and physical payback makes it all worth it.

She has other, even loftier goals as well. One of these goals is to climb the world’s highest mountains and sail the world’s roughest seas, running fast-paced marathons and riding motorbikes.

She says that cerebral palsy has brought its fair share of frustrations, but Christy has refused to give up. She is yet another wonderful example of the kind of determination Cerebral Palsy patients have!

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