A young girl with cerebral palsy will travel to China for a revolutionary treatment that could improve her quality of life.

Louise Fife is 16 years old and was diagnosed with ataxic cerebral palsy when she was two years old. Cerebral palsy makes walking and sitting upright very difficult for her.

Louise will travel with her mother to Beijing where they will inject stem cells into the spinal cord fluid so they can flow directly to the brain. This treatment has already improved the sitting, walking, balance and speech of several other people with cerebral palsy.

Louise’s family raised the necessary funds for the procedure which involves using cells from the umbilical cords of healthy babies. Colleagues of her father’s employer,bnn London Overground, played a big part in the fund raising effort.

We all are crossing our fingers for Louise Fife and hope that others like her will be able to benefit from this treatment in the future.

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