Texas Cerebral Palsy Lawyer Discusses 3 Interesting Facts About Cerebral Palsy

CP Caused by Surgical Errors
Cerebral palsy results from injuries to a person’s brain. It is, therefore, incurable. There are some interesting facts about this injury and its symptoms, however, that many people do not know. If you’re a parent who has recently found out that your child has CP, some of this information may be

3 Great Technologies for People with CP

Gross Motor Function Classification System
Most of the time, when you’re talking about technology for people with disabilities, you’re talking about expensive medical devices that somehow make their lives easier. There are technologies out there, however, that anybody who has a personal computer has access to and that can actually make l

Why Hire a Cerebral Palsy Lawyer?

CP and Medical Malpractice at Birth
Sometimes, the cause of cerebral palsy in infants is medical negligence. When this is the case, the parents will find themselves in a situation that may vary considerably from case to case. They may have a child with severe disabilities who needs almost constant care. In other cases, their child m