Cerebral Palsy boy

Some cerebral palsy facts might surprise you. There’s a lot about this condition that is misunderstood and, in particular, people sometimes fail to grasp the fact that not all cases are the same.

The Basics

Cerebral palsy is a condition that is characterized by a lack of control over the limbs. It may also include problems walking and problems with hearing, speech, sight and touch. The condition arises directly after being born or has its origins in the time before the child is born. The brain injury that leads to it is usually caused by a lack of oxygen to the brain and the rest of the body, a condition called hypoxia.

The Results

Children with cerebral palsy are sometimes very severely impacted where cognitive development is concerned. They may have a much diminished ability to learn and may never really progress to the same level as others of their age group. Other children will be completely dependent upon receiving care from others and will be incapable of living independently. These children sometimes have to be fed through tubes and spend their entire lives in wheelchairs.

Other children will need assistive devices for activities such as walking, but little else. There are actors and other professionals in the world who were born with Cerebral Palsy and who do very well for themselves. Some of them still undergo treatments to lessen the severity of their conditions and, in some cases, they are able to the same types of activities that anyone else would with very little difficulty.

Legal Options

Some children that are born with cerebral palsy end up suffering the injury as the direct result of medical negligence. In these cases, the parents may opt to sue the doctor or other healthcare provider for damages. This option is only available in specific instances.

There are instances where Cerebral Palsy develops due to natural causes. For example, the child may have had the umbilical cord wrapped around their neck in the womb, causing strangulation and resulting in the child being injured in the way that causes Cerebral Palsy. The child may also have simply suffered an injury during the birthing process that could not have been avoided by any type of medical intervention. If you suspect there may have been medical negligence involved, you can always speak with an attorney to get their opinion on the matter. They may be able to help you file a lawsuit.

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