Ashton Santos suffers from cerebral palsy and epilepsy. Recently, he traveled to Costa Rica for a treatment that is currently unavailable in the states. For two weeks, Ashton endured injections of yellowish liquid containing post-natal umbilical cord stem cells into his lower spine, along with physical therapy and a high alkaline diet.

The idea of this type of therapy is that stem cells will act as a repair kit for the parts of his damaged brain that limit his coordination, mobility and dexterity as well as spark his epileptic seizures.

Santos has already shown signs of improvement. He has been able to lift things with his thumb and index finger–a feat that would have been very difficult prior to his treatments. However, these treatments aren’t cheap. Santos has had four treatments that have cost a total of $20,000. But for Santos, relief from the symptoms of epilepsy and cerebral palsy are well worth it.

Santos’ mother believes it will be another four to six weeks before the effects of the treatments, which are hoped to be permanent, begin to show up.

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