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Cerebral palsy results from injuries to a person’s brain. It is, therefore, incurable. There are some interesting facts about this injury and its symptoms, however, that many people do not know. If you’re a parent who has recently found out that your child has Cerebral Palsy, some of this information may be good news to you.

1: Cerebral Palsy Comes in Different Degrees of Severity

There are some individuals who are almost completely debilitated because of cerebral palsy. There are others, however, that have the disorder and who have symptoms that are so minor that most people probably wouldn’t even notice them. You might even know people with Cerebral Palsy who give no indication of having this condition whatsoever.

2: Cerebral Palsy Sometimes Affects the Body but not the Mind

There are people with Cerebral Palsy who have serious physical disabilities but who have their full mental capacities. They may have trouble with certain areas of study, such as math, but many people with Cerebral Palsy graduate college every year and many people with Cerebral Palsy have advanced degrees and work in very challenging fields. Don’t think that Cerebral Palsy automatically means that someone has limited choices in life. Sometimes that is the case, unfortunate, but sometimes it’s not.

3: Cerebral Palsy Sufferers Have New Options

There are new treatments and devices being developed to help people with Cerebral Palsy all the time. The therapies include new drugs and techniques. The devices include everything from better wheelchairs and assistive devices to electronic devices that stimulate the nerves and improve movements. There are so many devastating conditions that results from brain injuries that scientist are work on new therapies for them all the time. The one characteristic of Cerebral Palsy that is universal is that there is hope for every sufferer.

The new therapies and even very well established therapies for Cerebral Palsy can be very expensive. A Dallas birth injury lawyer may be able to help you and your family by filing a lawsuit to seek damages from the doctor or hospital responsible for your child coming down with Cerebral Palsy. If you want to speak with a Texas Cerebral Palsy lawyer, remember that there is not limitless time in which to file a lawsuit. There are limitations, so it’s best to contact a lawyer quickly to see how much time you have left to debate the matter and to decide whether or not you want to file a lawsuit over the condition.

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