Filing a lawsuit over cerebral palsy is not a small undertaking. You will have to make certain that you have an attorney who is up to the job and who has enough experience to ensure that your chances of winning your lawsuit are as high as possible. No attorney, however, can guarantee that they can win your claim. Because finances are usually the first thing on people’s minds when they are debating whether or not to file a lawsuit, it’s important to understand that good attorneys will oftentimes work on a contingency agreement, meaning that you don’t have to pay unless you win.

Beyond the money, a cerebral palsy lawsuit can still be a difficult thing. An attorney will make it easier on you by providing the type of guidance you need and by giving you confidence in their abilities.

Going to Court

There is no way to honestly say that going to court will not be stressful. In fact, the only people who actually like going to court are probably attorneys and judges. Your attorney will make certain that you are as prepared as possible to take the stand if you need to. This can be nerve-racking and intimidating for people if they haven’t been to court before. Part of the reason that it’s important to have an experienced attorney is because that attorney can give you an idea of what you might expect in court and can prepare you in advance to deal with it.

Your attorney will be trying to convince the jury that your child and your family deserve the amount of money you are seeking in damages. A good attorney takes a look at other cases similar to yours and at other resources to determine how much money to seek in compensation. A good attorney will increase your chances of winning by seeking a realistic sum.

The two things you need to understand about talking to an attorney are: there is a limitation on how long you have to file a lawsuit; and there is oftentimes no charge involved in consulting with an attorney. Talk to a Dallas cerebral palsy lawyer about whether or not filing a lawsuit would be appropriate in your circumstances. A good Texas birth injury lawyer can give you good advice and many of them will be interested in meeting with you without charging you any money for the initial consultation.

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