Diana Boyle is a 10-year old girl with cerebral palsy. Like many with cerebral palsy, she is mostly wheelchair bound and requires help getting to and from her walker. However, there is hope for young Diana in the form of a new therapy.

In two weeks Diana will travel from her home in Madisonville, Florida, to the Pediatric Fitness Center of Keego Harbor, Michigan. While there she will be fitted with a “TheraSuit”.

The “TheraSuit” traces it’s beginnings back to the days of early space travel. Early Russian cosmonauts used them to stabilize their internal organs while in space. According to Diana’s mother, the same suit can help retrain the muscles of cerebral palsy patients. The therapy involves a strict regimen of message and stretching, as well as exercising while wearing the suit. In theory, this will retrain the brain to reduce the abnormal muscle actions that are associated with cerebral palsy.

We hope that Diana is successful with her therapy and is able to one day abandon her wheelchair altogether. We will keep you updated on her progress and any other news about this new cerebral palsy therapy.

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