Cerebral palsy is most well-known for the effects it has on the muscles. It’s a neuro-muscular disorder and, because the brain injury is obviously not visible, people tend to see the most severe symptoms in the form of spasms and difficulty walking and performing other tasks. There are treatments that have been devised that show some real promise in making life easier for people with this condition.

Electric Current

The nervous system functions on electricity and this is the basis of many therapies that have proven valuable to people with cerebral palsy. One woman profiled in the media recently was able to walk much better than ever before because of a device that sent electrical impulses to her legs. The device is worn and the electrical flow keeps the muscles from having spasms. One of the characteristic symptoms of cerebral palsy are feet that twist in the wrong directions. This device keeps her feet straight so that she can walk more easily.

Implanted Devices

A surgical option comes in the form of implanting devices that release medications into the body that relax the muscles. These devices are typically about the size of a tuna can and can be installed close to the muscles that need to be treated. One child who had one of these devices implanted in his back can now walk, due to the lack of spasms in his legs.

Severing Nerves

The brain damage that causes cerebral palsy makes the nervous system fire in a way that causes spasms. Sometimes, the best way to remedy the problem is to sever those nerves. This type of surgery is becoming more popular. Even though the prospect of having nerves permanently severed is a bit intimidating, it can go a long way toward restoring mobility for people. This is one of the newer surgeries out there and it shows a great deal of promise for many people with Cerebral Palsy.

For people with cerebral palsy, muscle control is something that requires them to do a lot of work to achieve. Even with these treatments, physical therapy oftentimes plays a part, as well. Some of the people who find themselves with their muscle control restored still have to learn how to walk and perform fine motor skill dependent tasks. Physical therapy methods have evolved over the years, as well, and these continue to provide Cerebral Palsy suffers with better results all the time.

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