Take a look at the news and you’ll see that the treatments for cerebral palsy are many and that they are advancing all the time. That does not mean that Cerebral Palsy is not a serious disorder. Some of these treatments can alleviate the worst symptoms of the disorder, but they are not all able to completely eliminate them in full. Here are some of the newest treatments.


Surgery has advanced tremendously over the decades. Instead of having to make large incisions into the body, for instance, doctors can now use laparoscopic surgical techniques that minimize the trauma and make surgeries appropriate for a wider range of individuals. The level of precision that surgeons are capable of achieving these days means that they can sever nerves that are causing problems, implant devices that dispense spasm-busting drugs and take other measures to remedy the worst symptoms of cerebral palsy.

Physical Therapy

Despite the fact that surgery tends to get more attention in the media, physical therapy techniques have advanced just as much as surgical techniques. Physical therapy today is very targeted toward problem areas, has more realistic and appropriate measures of progress and is given by therapists who have a tremendously developed knowledge of the human body. They can work wonders, in some cases, and this is one of the less expensive routes toward relief.


Some medications can be very helpful to people with Cerebral Palsy. They can help the body to relax, getting rid of the mobility and pain issues that come with severe spasms. In some cases, they can help people who suffered intermittent spasms from being completely laid up with them and allow those people to live a much more normal life, without interruption due to severe symptoms.


What are treatments for cerebral palsy is one question, how you’re going to pay for them is another. None of these treatments are what could realistically be described as affordable. In order to pay for them, families with children who suffer from cerebral palsy due to medical negligence sometimes hire an attorney to file a lawsuit against a party responsible for the injuries. Medical negligence sometimes plays a part in these injuries and, when it does, taking the doctor, hospital or hospital staff to court to seek compensation is sometimes a good option. Talking to an attorney soon is imperative so that you don’t miss your chance to file a lawsuit.

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