Why Sue Over Cerebral Palsy

When someone finds out that their child has Cerebral Palsy, the last thing you’d expect them to have on their mind is suing. There are cases, however, where medical negligence is the clear cause of the cerebral palsy and that is exactly what parents are thinking of doing. The costs of cerebral palsy can be very high, so hiring a lawyer is sometimes the best way to seek compensation for your child’s injuries and pain and suffering.

How the Injuries Happen

Cerebral Palsy injuries can happen in many ways. There are cases where they are completely natural and where nothing could have been done to stop them. There’s no one to blame in such a case. Sometimes, however, the child may have needed a treatment or a process during birth wasn’t done correctly and that causes the injury. In those cases, the parents sometimes opt to sue.

Paying for the treatment of cerebral palsy can cost literally millions of dollars over the years. Facing this down can be incredibly intimidating. Most families, to put it directly, will never make enough money on their own to afford the best treatments available. This is why parents sometimes opt to sue. They oftentimes aren’t awarded any money themselves; the money they’re awarded goes to their child so that the child can pay for their treatments.

Medical negligence can have very devastating results. When the victims of negligence cannot stand up for themselves, sometimes their parents have to do it. It requires a good cerebral palsy lawyer to pursue these cases, however.

The lawyer will have to establish to a jury that the injuries happened because of negligence on the doctor or healthcare facility’s part. They may have done a procedure in a way that it shouldn’t have been done or not taken an action that would have prevented the child from ever having Cerebral Palsy. If they could have been expected to stop it from happening, they may be held accountable for negligence.

The jury may award you all of the money you’re seeking or just part of it. In the best case scenario, your child will get enough money so that they will always be able to pay for their own treatments and so that they don’t ever face any type of insecurity. Sometimes, however, the awards aren’t so huge, but they still do help in paying for the cost of the treatments.

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