Cerebral Palsy Diagnosis

When people sue doctors and healthcare providers over a birth injury, it’s because there was some medical negligence involved in the child’s birth that resulted in the child being injured. The injuries that cause Cerebral Palsy can result from many different types of negligence. Negligence means not taking actions that a doctor could have been expected to take and causing someone to suffer due to that inaction or taking an action that resulted in someone suffering needlessly.


Birth injuries involve the brain being starved of oxygen. This can happen when the infant is being delivered and when they’re pinned in a position that obstructs blood flow. If the physician should have noticed and didn’t take any action to remedy the situation, that can sometimes be construed as negligence on the doctor’s part. If you believe this is how your child came to be affected by a birth injury, or if the medical examination showed as much, contacting an attorney is an option.

Delayed Care

A child in Maine recently received a large jury award because of the cerebral palsy they suffered, which was caused by a delayed cesarean. There are cases where children are in the womb and where a condition develops that necessitates that they are delivered immediately. Medical negligence may be an issue when doctors fail to act on this and when they have every reason to have done so. This is a situation where you may also want to contact an attorney.

Infection and Injury

Hospitals that are dirty or that use equipment that isn’t sanitary may end up causing injuries to their youngest and most vulnerable patients. If your child developed a birth injury because an illness they contracted at the hospital caused brain damage in the infant, an attorney may be able to help.

Remember that there are some instances where a birth injury attorney cannot help. A Texas birth injury lawyer can only help you if someone is ultimately responsible for the actions or lack of action that led to your child having cerebral palsy. This disorder happens for completely natural reasons in some cases, and, in those cases, there is no one to sue. If someone should have done better and didn’t, injuring your child, contacting a lawyer is a constructive idea.

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