Parents in Tampa, Florida have sued a healthcare provider over brain damage in their child. According to reports, the woman went to the medical center named in the lawsuit after suffering ruptured membranes. The woman was treated in the hospital and, during her treatment, she was given an anticlotting drug. She suffered an allergic reaction to that drug, the symptoms of which were so severe that doctors performed a C-section on the mother.

According to the reporting, it took almost one full hour after the woman suffered her allergic reaction for her to receive the emergency cesarean section. At the time of the C-section, the child was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and found to have brain injuries.

The lawsuit alleges that the child’s brain damage was the result of the cesarean section not being performed in time. This is a common reason that parents end up suing a medical provider over a child suffering brain injuries. When a mother is in distress, it’s oftentimes necessary for her to receive medical care immediately. When that care is delayed, as other lawsuits have found, it can lead to brain injuries being suffered by the infant and those brain injuries can result in lifelong consequences.

Filing a Lawsuit

Parents can file a birth injury lawsuit when they suspect that medical malpractice was the direct result of their child suffering a brain injury or another type of injury. Medical negligence can take many forms. It may include:

  • Delayed care
  • Inappropriate care
  • Misdiagnosis
  • Improper medication

There are many different ways that medical negligence can manifest and there are many different possible consequences of medical negligence. In some cases, families may get lucky and the medical negligence may not result in any suffering whatsoever. All too often, however, parents and children end up suffering grievous injuries because a physician or a healthcare provider was negligent.

Talk to an Attorney

It is extremely difficult for anybody without medical training to determine whether or not medical negligence played a part in their child suffering a brain injury. Even with the reports put together after the fact, it may be difficult for people to understand what those reports actually imply. The best option in such cases is to contact a cerebral palsy attorney and see what they think about your situation. They may find that medical negligence was likely to blame and suggest that you should pursue a lawsuit, but sitting down with an attorney and talking to them is the first step in finding out.

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