Suing for cerebral palsy-related damages is a very serious matter, so do your homework. You have to make certain that you’ve got the right lawyer to begin with, because you only get one chance to bring your claim before a court. There are also limitations on how long after the injury you’re allowed to file a lawsuit, so you have to act quickly on what is not a minor decision.

Don’t be intimidated. There are attorneys who handle cases involving cerebral palsy, and they are here can help you through the process.

It Wasn’t Your Fault

There are plenty of parents out there who spend their time wondering if they could have done anything differently in order to avoid such an injury. Children can be afflicted with Cerebral Palsy because of injuries in the womb, during birth, or shortly after for reasons that are sometimes entirely natural and unavoidable (although medical negligence is a very real possibility).

It May Have Been Avoidable

There are plenty of circumstances where a child suffers a brain injury that causes Cerebral Palsy which could have been avoided. The child could have been delivered by C-section, for instance, and that may have avoided the injury. There may have been a wrong medication ordered or dosage given, or conversely, a procedure or treatment may not have been started when it should have been. These are all examples that could be construed as medical malpractice.

Lawsuits and Damages

The attorney you hire will help you decide how much to seek in court. This is a difficult process. You’ll have to take into account your present medical expenses as well as the expenses that your child will face going forward. Remember that this is really about securing your child’s future, so your attorney will have to use expert input and other information to make sure that you’re seeking the appropriate amount of compensation.

Talk to a cerebral palsy lawyer about your situation. You may find that pursuing a lawsuit against the doctor or healthcare provider responsible for the injuries your child suffered is your best option. There is no way to ensure that you’ll win, but a good attorney can explain what you’re up against, and make sure your chances of success are as high as possible.

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